Royal Beers
Welcome to what I hope will become the most comprehensive Royal Beers website. This website acts as a reference to all the commemerative bottled beers that British breweries sold for various royal events in the past.

The list of royal beers is also so that I can proudly catalogue and show my personal collection of these special beers to other interested people.

Please click on a collection name in the box below to have a look through all the beers that were brewed for the occasion.

There are some gaps in both my collection and in my knowledge of some of the beers and breweries. Please use the contacts page to let me know of any aspect you may be able to update me on. In particular, I would appreciate digital photographs of beers missing from my own collection.

Where you see a grey silhouette of a bottle, I only have information on that bottle. A greyed out photograph means that someone has provided me with their own photograph. A colour picture of a label means that I only have the label, not the bottle.

If you have any bottles for sale that I need (where you see a grey photograph, grey silhouette or label only) please contact me for an offer price!
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